User agreement

(1) Each user is responsible for their own sharing.
(2) The source must be indicated in the images and files containing copyright.
(3) Insulting articles and images will be removed without being asked.
(4) Insulting and offensive behavior with private messages is prohibited and the perpetrator will be removed.
(5) Individuals should not expect responsibility from to protect their own rights.
(6) We do not have a registration age limit, but persons under the age of 18 must be careful and under the supervision of their parents
and do not accept any responsibility in this regard.
(7) For your own good, we advise you not to take e-mails outside of seriously.
(8) You can share and comment your own ideas on the site, but if your ideas are stolen,
You cannot claim liability.
(9) Your privacy is only as much as you protect, we protect your data as much as we can, but not to share your information with anyone.
and it is in your hands to protect your computer against possible attacks. The person is responsible for data loss other than’s fault.
Updated on 21.07.2022.